Lo-Fi Wines is a partnership of two lifelong friends, and a reflection of their commitment to crafting honest wine for everyday consumption.  The winery in Buellton accommodates harvests from all over the Santa Ynez Valley and Central Coast AVA’s, with the whole cluster, carbonic macerated Cabernet Franc from the Coquelicot Vineyard being the first to enter national consciousness.

Barrels of Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Malbec, and a blend of Gamay with Pinot Noir from Kick On Ranch account for the rest of the square footage, wines that weave a consistent narrative. Native fermentations, neutral vessels throughout élevage, sparse use of sulfur if any, an embrace of youthful, vivacious spirit.

The notion of wine as a Peasant’s Beverage, made for daily enjoyment, seems radical in terms of how we culturally engage with it. The simple pleasures the wines of Lo-Fi bring to the glass beg the question, why?