Los Alamos



Grace is a beloved ancestor, an attribute, a means of navigation through adversity, success, change, and the unknown. In retracing the footsteps of Angela Osborne, the spirit of Grace is evident in each motion that lead to her transcendent expressions of Grenache.

Born in New Zealand, Angela worked in a wine shop throughout her study to be a documentary filmmaker, and on the recommendation of the shops owner, took the opportunity to intern for Simi Winery in Sonoma. The experience altered her course, and after three years spent in distribution in London, Angela began to seek out sites around the world with the aim of cultivating Grenache. After mulling France, Spain, and Australia, she focused definitively on the United States in 2006.

An intuitive nature requires experience as means of maintaining a sharp edge, and since relocating she has worked all over the landscape, from assistant winemaking for Kevin Kelley, to representing wines from abroad on behalf of Louis Dressner. The exposure to diversity in perspective and practice resonates deeply in her wines.

The cooler climates of New Zealand don’t allow for Grenache to ripen. Resting in the high desert above Santa Barbara and the among the hills of Amador county, the grape finds expression in a language unique unto itself.