The 2013 Mirabai is utterly transparent and full of light with a youthful red that is delicate to the point of bordering on dark pink. This happens to be my favourite look for a red wine. This thirteen barrel cuvee has twelve barrels of old-vine Maresh fruit and one barrel of Momtazi. The nose is classic Maresh: red fruit and soft minerals. This Mirabai is more ethereal than the 2012. The texture is weightless and silken in a way that is pure pleasure. There is serious structure in this wine-yes-but in the way of hidden tensile strength. It is there, but would not be felt unless pushed. Or pulled. Etc. I felt joy when I tasted it to write these silly notes. Time will be good for this wine, though it will yield in a disarming way when it’s not being willful and capricious. It has fine length.

Appellation: Willamette Valley (12 barrels old-vine Maresh Vineyard and 1 barrel Momtazi Vineyard)
Picking Dates: Maresh Old Block and Long Rows, own-rooted and planted in 1970: 2 October. (10) barrels Maresh Block 8 Pommard, own-rooted and planted in 1978: 2 October. (2) barrels Momtazi Vineyard: Block C 115 and Block B 667 planted in 1999 : 7 October. (1) barrel
Barrels: No new wood. All neutral. All French forests (mostly Fontainebleau and Chatillon). These barrels were custom-made by cooper Rick DeFerrari with oak he personally selected from the best forests in France.
Bottling Date: 12 September 2013
Alcohol: 13.0%
Cases Produced: 326