This wine was made with the goal of being true to the nature of an authentic Pétillant Naturel style wine; I encouraged native yeast fermentation, which was then finished in the bottle, and no sugar or other juice was added. The Malvasia Bianca comes shining through with the bounty of floral aromas and yet, the fermentation esters that were captured in bottle add complexity and layers, creating a sensory journey that is reminiscent of her path.  The stunning natural acid is a wonderful balance to the floral nose; night blooming jasmine, citrus blossom, melon rind, warm Kefir lime scones.

The grapes were picked early on the morning of August 21st. The whole clusters were then gently pressed and the juice was cold settled. The juice was racked clean and allowed to warm up just a bit to encourage the native fermentation to begin. At the first sign of activity I dropped the temperature back down and a cool fermentation followed.  At the tail end of fermentation I chill the wine wine  to slow the fermentation and force it to settle. I bottle with a small amount of lees allowing the fermentation to complete in bottle and leave the wine un-disgorged (with sediment) in bottle.

The wine was moved from tank to bottle by gravity on Oct. 12th, everything to do with bottling lady PetNat has to be done by hand because she is still fermenting, meaning full of CO2 gas and needs to be handled with care.  The bottles are then aged while the fermentation finishes and once ready, I remove from tirage bins and label.  She is finished crown cap as I feel leaving the sediment adds purity and complexity that would be lost if removed and ultimately change the nature of this wine.  Onward Pétillant Naturel is fresh and alive and should be chilled before opening (to settle) and enjoyed regularly!