2011 Pinot Gris

The Pinot Gris in 2011 was very special, a cold vintage with beautiful fruit full of character, perfect for a sous voile wine. It was fermented as whole cluster and kept on the skins for nearly 2 months. Then the wine was places into two very old, very special french oak barrels. Special because these barrels consistently produced a surface yeast that was thick and contributed great aromatics to the wine. With space left in the barrel to allow the Flor to thrive, the wine slowly aged for 44 months before bottling.

I have been told that the Flor protects wine and after seeing how fresh this one is, I am a believer. Time has made everything about this wine subtle, the color is a golden copper, the aromatics are deep and complex, the palate self assured and balanced. Dried blood orange, redwood, pomegranate, rose water, strawberry caps and decomposed granite.